Fun Shot Girls Circle

Hi, Welcome to Yay 9!

Who are "Yay 9!" ?

Joyce, LuLu & Violet are three 9-year-old besties whose YAY! magic lies in their inner strength.  Oh – and those hair bobbles are magical, too…the girls keep their Yays inside them!

What is YAY!?

Yay! is more than just a triumphant expression…it’s a way of life that is a celebration of moments.

Yays are your talents, hobbies, hairstyle, or favorite thing. They’re whatever makes you feel unique and proud to be you! They can also be when you make a new friend, discover a new hobby, or accomplish a goal.  During those Yay! moments is when magic happens!

We love making cute stuff to celebrate the magic Yay! makes.  Have you found your Yay!?

Fun Shot Girls Circle

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