3 girls together


Joyce is the oldest of 5, cutely bold, and seldom ever at a loss for words. She’s always current on the latest in pop culture, DJs in her spare time, and LOVES bubble gum – she keeps it inside her hairbobbles! Due to her infectious humor & charm, the life of the party is usually Joyce!

Joyce’s Yays include pop culture, music, and bubblegum.

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The youngest of 3, LuLu dances to the beat of her own drum. With her adventurous and lively imagination, LuLu’s world of play becomes her reality. She’s building a spaceship with her friend, Sid. Not bound to this earth, she’s happy here, nonetheless.

LuLu’s Yays include aeronautics, robotics, and traveling.

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Violet is an only child and truly likes it that way. She’s soft spoken, but when she has a point to make…people listen. She meditates daily and uses a poster of Jimi Hendrix as her focal point. She plays guitar, speaks Japanese, and can make a mean sushi…yum!

Violet’s Yays include meditation, guitar, and learning Japanese.

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Sid is an only child, like Violet, and appreciates his space. He’s building a spaceship with LuLu and they plan to explore the universe! His family is from Nevada. He misses them very much, but luckily they zip in and out of town to visit. His favorite band is Parliament Funkadelic and his favorite color is grey.

Sid’s Yays include traveling, aeronautics, and music.

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